Tea Offerings

– Premium Tea Choices –

Your choice of tea, served in your own personal teapot.

English Breakfast – A crisp, smooth, and medium-bodied blend of black teas from Sri Lankan Ceylon, Taiwanese Black Tea, and Chinese Keemun Black Tea.  Try it with a spot of milk.  **Also available in decaf**

Earl Grey – One of the most famous and rightfully distinctive teas in all the world, Earl Grey derives its unique flavor from oil of Bergamot, a Mediterranean citrus fruit like an orange (in case you were wondering).  Enjoy it black or with milk.

Darjeeling – A tea room classic.  100% pure black tea from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains.

African Sunrise – A mild, sweet taste and aroma; somewhat like honey, infused with aromatic vanilla flavoring to create a unique infusion.

Chai Rooibos – Sweet and spicy with notes of cinnamon, licorice, cloves, citrus, and ginger combined with creamy rooibos for a caffeine-free infusion.

Vanilla Chai – Natural vanilla adds rich and creamy flavor notes to the delicious naturally decaffeinated Chai tea.

White Peach Oolong – Luscious peach flavor is combined with delicious Wuyi oolong tea.

Strawberry Cream – Combines the choicest grade of Japanese and Chinese pan-fired green teas delicately scented with flavors of ripe strawberries and cream studded with bits of flavorful red strawberries. The result is a dairy-free, light-bodied and well-balanced creamy tea.

Tropical Passion – China Black Tea is perfectly combined with the seductively sweet-tart fragrance of passion fruit, the pungent flavor of guava fruit and studded with bright yellow petals of marigold and malva for an exotic splash.

Cherry Blossom – This hand-plucked green tea is blended with pomegranate flowers and natural cherry flavor to create the perfect blend. The end result is a tea that is medium-bodied with a sweet cherry flavor and light grassy aroma.

Lemon Chamomile – The delicate taste of lemon in this tea comes from natural lemon grass, which offers the aroma of lemon without the bitterness of lemons.  The result is an invigorating drink that includes an addition of orange peel that adds a delicate citrus flavor.

Ginseng Peppermint – A tasty blend that combines the crisp taste of peppermint with hearty Chinese Red Ginseng, eleuthero root, and other herbs, to create an ‘energy’ infusion that is purported to increase stamina and reduce stress. 

Yellow & Blue – This caffeine-free tea combines chamomile, cornflowers, and lavender for a floral rapture of color, taste, and texture.

Hot Cinnamon Spice – An assertive blend of black teas, three types of cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves. It is a caffeinated tea that fills your mouth with the combination of its spices.

Paris – A fruity caffeinated black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors, with a hint of lemony Bergamot. A delicious blend created in homage to its namesake.

Wedding Tea – A deliciously aromatic Mutan White Tea with notes of vanilla & lemon, and a touch of pink rosebuds and petals (caffeinated).

Venetian Tiramisu –  A blend of delicately floral Mutan white tea and toasty Japanese Hojicha. Swirling flavors of cocoa and vanilla layer throughout the tea, accented with cocoa nibs and just a hint of brandy flavor.

Heirloom Bartlett Pear – The sweet leaves of Mutan white tea mingle with delicately succulent pieces of pear, apple, and peach. Spice notes of nutmeg and two kinds of cinnamon add a touch of zing for a light and warming infusion.

*Seasonal teas are often added, please ask server for any new arrivals*